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Holistic Skin Care: Benedetta

I have always had a fascination with nature. I grew up wandering the woods, picking wildflowers, and writing poems about it. Nature is beautiful, powerful, provides nourishment, remedies and relaxation. What's not to love?

Several years ago, I got into formulation myself and was awakened to a whole new world of possibilities. I love when brands harness the unbridled power of nature to benefit our skin as well as our bodies.

Benedetta is an OG in the game. Established in 1996, this holistic brand set precedents in the industry of what it meant to be farm-sourced, and sustainable--before that was even a thing.

"Benedetta is consistently dedicated to providing small batch preparations that are active and fresh, following intentional energetic practices."

Their approach to formulation principles encourage the body to operate as it should, providing itself corrective and continuous results.

I was impressed with the dedication to support small, organic farmers utilizing a farm to business model. This allows quality botanicals to be purchased directly from the farmer, and processed with integrity on-site.

"I love the dedicated, organic farmer on the 'Back 40', I'm all about the crop."

-Julia Faller, Founder + Formulator

I loved that I could smell almost each and every herb and botanical used in each product.

Some people may find the strong botanical presence off-putting, but it was one of the many things I enjoyed about this line. Everything smelled like it came straight from the garden, and I loved that because it causes you to pause and appreciate. Since I have been intentional about what I choose to pay attention to, I was grateful for the inspiration.

I also appreciated the brochures that were included, that helped me know how to get the best use of each product. I learned a new technique from the Benedetta brochures, that I found helpful with any skincare application.

Have you ever heard of the OMR Technique?

It is a technique recommended when applying product below the eyebrows. You open your mouth to a comfortable position, keeping the lips pressed over the teeth. Open only as far as is comfortable, this will provide resistance. Massage product using firm, continuous pressure.

I found this technique helpful specifically when using the (Step 1) Creme Cleanser Rosemary & Geranium. It removed my makeup beautifully, and left my skin feeling hydrated and soft.

**Did you know that tight feeling people often associate with clean skin, is actually the texture the skin gets when dehydrated and stripped of oils?**

One fun fact about this cleanser is that you can leave a drop of it on a blemish overnight as a spot treatment. Since I have 2 pre-teen boys battling occasional acne, this was a great backup for random breakouts.

After cleansing the day away, applying the (Step 2) The Eye Cream. Every eye cream claims to be the Ultimate Savior when it comes to your eyes, but few actually deliver. With this, I saw a notable difference after the first week. The darkness under my eyes was less noticeable, as were my smile lines. You can't beat that!

**Did you know its best to apply eye creams in a patting method in order to increase circulation and apply evenly. You can also use your knuckle or pad of your finger to acupressure points to increase eye rejuvenation.**

One of my favorite steps in the Benedetta routine is (Step 3) Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixers. These water based elixers replace the step that would usually be a toner.

**Did you know that a toner is almost always alcohol-based and further dehydrates the skin?!**

This sophisticated spritz will give your complexion a balanced and renewed appearance.

Now it was time to replace and restore nutrients with rich, (Step 4) Precious & Nourishing Facial Oils. These intense little power houses made the biggest difference in my skin. I typically respond well to facial oils, but not all are created equal. For maximum benefits, apply 4-6 drops immediately after spritzing skin with the Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixer, and follow with a moisturizer.

The Visibly Radiant Moisturizers are the final (Step 5) in your skin self care ritual. Apply 1-2 pumps after using a nourishing oil (during the day) or apply 3-4 pumps alone before bed.

It may be more steps than you're used to, but TRUST ME, your skin will thank you. My skin had renewed elasticity, appeared more firm and plump, and wrinkles were less noticeable. I am a mom of 4 boys, so I am grateful for all the help I can get!

I am having a hard time narrowing down what my favorites in the line are. Its a toss up between the Neroli Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixer and the Seaweed Bath, 'cuz let's be real, I love me a good bath!

On my wish list: the Sacred Soap with is a black soap base safe for my whole family.

Have you tried Benedetta yet? What is your favorite product?

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully

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