• Stephanie Ann Ferguson

How to Properly Use a Jade Roller

If you're like me and surrounded by kids, you wake up often surrounded by kids who rob you of your sleep and sanity. If you're not in that stage of life, then maybe your skin retaliates with morning puffiness after a long night on the town--making you second guess your life choices.

Thankfully, there are many at-home solutions to puffy eyes and uneven skin--enter the trendy jade roller. This beautiful facial tool actually has plenty of purpose when it comes to taking good care of your skin. With just a few minutes a day, you can provide your skin with some much needed TLC, and reap the rewards of a more supple, youthful appearance.

You should know though, it's not as simple as swiping across the face. It is a skincare tool and like any facial tool, it requires proper technique for maximum effectiveness.

Below, I cover six easy steps on using a jade roller in your skincare routine properly and effectively. Following these steps properly will improve circulation to the skin by inspiring lymphatic function, reduce inflammation and improve overall appearance.

I first like to begin by applying a light layer of facial oil or solid serum to freshly washed skin before using this technique. This aids in maximum absorption and really gets the circulation flowing to the face. Depending on my skin needs, I like to use Elixer Immortelle by säf organics, Bara Balm by H is for Love, Antioxidant Facial Oil by MadHippie or Haima Skin Dew by Para Botanica. Now let's learn how to make that jade roller work for you. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to maximize use of your jade roller.

Step 1: Begin at the chin using the large side of the roller and roll horizontally upward and out toward the hairline. Use gentle, comfortable pressure.

Step 2: Still using the large side of the roller, begin at the corner of the nose and roll out toward the ear.

Step 3: Switching to the small side of the roller, place on the inside corner of the eye and roll out toward the temple.

Step 4: Switching back to the large side of the roller, begin at the brow bone above the bridge of the nose, and roll out and down toward the temple.

Step 5: Still using the large side of the roller, start at the brow bone level above the bridge of the nose and roll straight up the forehead to the hairline.

Step 6: With the large side of the roller, begin in the center of the forehead and roll horizontally toward the temple.

Jade is not the only material that you can find this luxurious facial tool in. There are many other semi-precious stones (like rose quartz, or amethyst) to choose from that can yield equal benefits both aesthetically and topically. I personally love this beauty from H is for Love, made of carnelian which represents creativity, confidence, and passion.

For a video tutorial, check out my Instagram and/or Facebook stories for a step-by-step and a real time visual on how it immediately improves your circulation. This is one of my favorite parts about my morning skincare routine.

Have you tried using a facial roller? What stone is yours made out of? I'd love to hear your favorite tips and oils to use. Enjoy!!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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