• Stephanie Ann Ferguson

Wellness is a Mindset

Wellness is a mindset.

What does that mean exactly?

Forreal, there has more to health than what you think, right?

Wellness is so much more than what you eat or wear or use. It's is everything you welcome into your life. Let’s unpack this idea together.

In my family, we have deep history of depression, obesity, and substance abuse. This is not the path I envision for my life, so I knew I would have to put guardrails in place to ensure my life journey followed a different path.

For example, those who are physically healthy have daily practices such as: daily exercise, a clean diet, restrictions on sugar, toxins, inflammatory foods etc. Those who have overcome the generational curse of mental illness may practice daily prayer, meditation, affirmations, clean eating habits, positive social circles, and sleep schedules, to name a few. Those who battle depression may change what/who they listen to, have positive music and books to take in, and/or attend church.

It all boils down to one commonality: Your life requires you to be mindful about what you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically. What we watch, listen to, read, hang around, feed our bodies, nourish our souls with—all requires intentionality.

What you focus on, you will become. Don’t get me wrong, it will still require action. After all, faith without works is dead, right? Think of it like sailing a boat, it is imperative to keep your eyes on the horizon, especially in choppy water or perilous weather. The same goes with your life. Focusing on the outcome instead of the issue, will help you reach your intended destination.

So, instead of focusing on the problem: excess weight, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, toxic relationships, life…let’s focus on the solution.

Fill in the blank: I want my life to be _______________.

Fulfilling? Exciting? Vibrant? Successful? Impactful?

There is no wrong answer here. Your answer should reflect you, to the depths of your soul. It should reflect your goals, who you see yourself as 10 years from now.

For me, I want to leave a strong legacy. I want to lead a life that has a positive impact on those around me. What do I need to do to reach that goal?

First, I need to take good care of myself. Longevity and well being cannot be had if I am not taking good care of the body I have. That means making mindful choices on what I consume, the products I use, how I move my body everyday, and what I consume mentally and spiritually. That may seem like a large mountain to climb, but let’s break it down a bit further.

For me, this has meant pursuing good habits like staying hydrated, working out at least 30 minutes each day, and getting good sleep.

Second. That means practicing gratitude, listening to uplifting music and podcasts, and reading positive, growth-oriented books.

Third, that means strengthening my faith, going to church and surrounding myself with others who have similar goals.

It hasn’t always been easy, honestly, some days it downright sucks. I don’t always want to get up early, or exercise, or eat the right thing. Some days, I’d rather karate chop ignorant people in the throat, or watch mindless tv. It is a choice. We know better, so let's do better--together.

Everyday I have the choice to live my life, or let it live me. Each choice is a daily step-by-step progression toward my ultimate destination: the me I was created to be.

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