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Healthy Choices on the Go

Let's face it--we are all busy. From work, kids, sports, gym memberships, time with friends and just about everything else that demands our time and attention--it's a wonder we have time for taking care of ourselves properly, or eating healthy. While I am definitely no master of time management and stellar life choices, I would love to share with you some of the habits that have helped me stay on track.

Make Breakfast Your Best Friend

This is one of the best ways to get ahead of an attack of the munchies. Its easy! Eat a healthy, hearty breakfast to kickstart your day. This should keep you fueled until mid-morning, or maybe even lunch if you're new to the breakfast club.

Properly Prepare Your Kitchen

This is essential! Make sure that the items you fill your fridge and pantry with, are healthy and nutritious. This helps curb cravings and fuel your body properly by having appropriate choices at a moment's notice.

Keep Your Car Fully Loaded

Pack your own lunch and snacks when on the go, whether to work, school, on errands or playdates. You will be surprised how good you feel knowing that you have good choices at your disposal!

BYOC: Bring Your Own Coffee

Make and pack your own coffee from home. You can even add nourishing ingredients to a homemade latte like: turmeric, coconut oil, raw cacao, maca, collagen and cinnamon. This will fill your cravings without hurting your wallet, or your goals.

That's all for now lovelies! I hope you have a great week and crush your goals.

Be Healthy. Live Beautfully.

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