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Energizing Botanicals: 28 Litsea

Have you ever come across one of those people that you just knew, right away, that you were going to hit it off? Friendship and long-term connection would be inevitable...just because?

When I first met Christine she was championing the line, Splurge Skincare, which was a clean beauty business baby of hers with another co-founder. She made these lovely body scrubs and lip balms that had all of the green beauty world a buzz.

Fast forward to several years later, when the business partnership dissolved, and Christine Cunningham found herself faced with a decision: go back to placing her focus on her career of school counselor, or continue to pursue her passion of clean ingredients and safe body products. What's a girl to do?!

Birth 28 Litsea (lit-see-ah), that's what. Get it girl.

28 Litsea is a body care company that values the approach of whole body wellness:

" What you put on your skin is just as important as what you feed your body internally, and the thoughts and energy with which you surround yourself. "

Christine admits the when creating products, she is drawn to ingredients that "awaken the senses and evoke feelings of well-being". Litsea is a bright citrus oil that is known for it's scent and energizing traits.

"I was immediately attracted to this oil, not only for its cleansing qualities, but for its ability to bring out the best in other ingredients. This positive, uplifting and versatile oil embodies everything this brand represents. The 28 Litsea name is a tribute to those who have inspired and encouraged me throughout my life."

She graciously sent me a few of her gems to try: Top Note Body Oil in Wild Citrus, Top Note Body Oil in Red Ginger, Melted Balm, Tinted Petala "In Love" and Petala Lip Balm in Lemon.

Being a lover of citrus myself, I immediately dove into the Wild Citrus Top Note Body Oil. It smells exactly like you would think--a bowl of fresh citrus on a warm day. It is inviting, uplifting and fresh containing the namesake ingredient litsea, along with pink peppercorn and wild orange essential oils--all without being overwhelming. masterfully blended with the nourishing oils of meadowfoam, baobab, and squalane, my skin was ever so grateful.

Trust me, I haven't let that bottle out of my sight!

The Top Note Red Ginger Body Oil was a pleasant surprise. Beautifully blended with the nourishing oils of meadowfoam, baobab, and squalane, this superhero blend of oils gave my end-of-season skin, just the boost it needed. The fun scent of addicting red mandarin and the zing of ginger essential oil, is a total bonus.

The Melted Balm is something you should have in all the bags: purses, gym bags, diaper bags, etc. This multi-purpose balm can be used for cuticles, chapped lips, rough/dry skin patches, diaper irritation, and nighttime lip repair. It is genius, and you need some.

You're Welcome.

I was excited to try the lip balm as that was my favorite product in her previous line.

I was not disappointed.

The Petala (Portuguese for petal) Lip Balm goes on silky smooth. This nourishing, ultra lightweight lip balm is actually oil based from its star ingredient: babassu oil. Betcha can't tell it's oil based though! Your lips will be blessed with long-lasting moisture, a difference you can feel.

I loved the tinted Petala Balm too! You get the same silky smooth results, with a kiss of color. Win-win! I loved that the color blended so well with just about every natural lip tone, and the price is practically a steal.

Overall, I am so very proud of Christine and the brand she has birthed. Having walked that path of a maker, I know the blood, sweat and tears that it takes, and I commend her.

She really has an exceptional arsenal of products on her hands, and if you haven't tried them yet, you're totally missing out!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully

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