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Nature is Enough: H is for Love

The green beauty movement is on a major upswing. With more consumers concerned about ingredients and benefits, brands are being forced into a new mainstream of expectations. Some brands are breaking the mold, and raising the bar when it comes to sourcing ingredients, quality formulations and chic packaging.

Allow me to introduce you to H is for Love. This artisanal brand is still hand crafted from impeccably sourced ingredients from around the globe. Why the curious name, you may ask? The "H" stands for the history behind their carefully chosen ingredients gleaned from various ancient cultures, and for honoring the traditions associated with them.

Founder Bee Ham set out to create products that allow the body to age gracefully.

"It's not about fighting signs of aging, but honoring our bodies with what we eat, avoiding toxins wherever possible, and giving our skin the supplemental nourishment that only unrefined, organic, luxuriously natural skincare can provide. I have drawn wisdom and inspiration from cultures throughout history who have looked to nature for health and wellness, healing, nourishment and prosperity and have discovered that nature is enough."

I chose a variety of products from the H is for Love lineup, and am far from done. I could tell from the formulations that Bee set out to heal and rebuild the skin from the inside out--just as any quality natural skincare should.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of oil cleansing, and have seen remarkable results with it both personally and professionally. So naturally, I tried the Rapha Harmonizing Cleanser first. Cleansing is a foundational practice, and should be done both at the beginning, and the end of each day. This cleansing oil is bursting with nutrient-rich oils like hemp seed and pumpkin seed--high in linoleic acid which is known for its plumping and hydration benefits. The Rapha is also infused with a supercritical dose of German Chamomile, turmeric, chamomile and calendula. This particular blend of herbs was selected to address internal healing and inflammation.

To Use: Gently massage Rapha onto your skin, steam with a warm washcloth for at least 10 seconds before wiping clean. Repeat twice daily.

I really enjoyed the Propolis Regenerative Mask, because it is a loose formula which allows me to choose a mixing medium based on my immediate skin needs. Propolis is a potent, but gentle mask that has the ability to stimulate cell renewal and boost collagen production, revealing brighter, glowing skin. It's no wonder your skin will be so happy! This masterful blend contains rare white turmeric, camu camu (rich in critical Vitamin C), mineral-rich red alea sea salt and top antioxidants raw cacao and vanilla bean. Based on the needs of your skin at the time, you can mix this mask with water, facial oil, toner/hydrosol, or even honey.

To Use: Mix Propolis with medium of your choice until a mud-like consistency forms. Remove when almost dry. For sensitive skin, please do a patch test prior to all-over use.

Likely my favorite in the H lineup so far is the Bara Facial Emollient. This silken facial balm takes moisture to a whole new level. Sometimes your skin just needs s little extra TLC. Whether you're pregnant, experiencing dry skin, or your skin is being otherwise temperamental, this is the product for you. Each ingredient in Bara was carefully chosen to absorb quickly and leave your skin feeling plump and soft. It can even be layered with your favorite facial oil to maximize benefits of both--say no more!

Active ingredients in this gem include pomegranate seed oil, tamanu oil and sea buckthorn oil

(healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits), calendula and frankincense for healing and cellular renewal.

To Use: Apply Bara to damp skin after cleansing ritual, as a spot treatment or as a final step after facial oil or serum.

The Lip Glacé Root + Berry is a lovely universal red rose gloss. This unique lip balm gets its rich color completely from fruits, vegetables and other botanics--you won't find any mica, minerals or oxides here! Gleaning the majority of it's color from the alkanet root (of the borage family), sea buckthorn CO2 also lends a distinct red clay color to the mix. Lip Glacé has a matte appearance in the jar, but glides on for a shiny finish when applied to the lips. Both stunning and subtle, Lip Glacé wears beautifully on everyone, leaving behind sexy notes of peppermint, vanilla and berry without overpowering your true essence. Just healthy, sexy, natural lips.

To Use: Dab Lip Glacé onto lip with finger and allow to warm and glide for easy application, leaving behind a natural rouged finish.

The Kinu Glowing Skin Balm is a new addition to the H is for Love family, and a welcome addition it is! This decadent body balm is like no other body moisturizer I have tried. Not only is it a glowing golden goddess color, but also has a subtle mineral shimmer. Kinu is Japanese for silk, which is exactly how this jar of whipped plant potency will leave your skin feeling.

The scent is hard to articulate. It is subtle, warm, woody, spicy, sweet, fresh, grounding, in a word- sexy. It marries with your own natural fragrance to elevate the senses and stimulate blood flow.

Active ingredients include Kalahari Melon Seed Oil and Rosehip CO2, rich in caretenoid and essential fatty acids, this dynamic duo helps repair the lipid barrier (top layer of skin) and deliver nutrients deep below the surface.

To Use: Apply Kinu to damp skin & massage into place for long-lasting silky soft skin.

Have you tried anything from this beloved brand? I highly recommend you try H is for Love, you won't be disappointed!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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