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The Boxwalla: A Brief History of Timeless Things

I love beauty box subscriptions, it's like a Christmas surprise every time! I especially love when I am introduced to something new, or have a chance to try a brand or product that has been on my radar for a while.

My recent Boxwalla Beauty Box contained a few products I had not yet heard of.

First, Australian brand Lepaar and their Precious Face Oil. It usually takes me about a week or so to notice a marked difference when trying a new skincare product. My skin responded to this serum immediately, and I had to know why!

This next-level luxurious age defying facial oil founded by Johanna & Christopher Everingham, was designed to be restorative and replenishing experience. Johanna uses a 4-month sun infusion method to steep Tasmanina Calendula, Saffron and Vanilla to ensure potent antioxidant content. This magic skin potion is also infused with Frankincense and non-nano (won't clog pores) cosmetic grade 24K gold which helps to slow collagen depletion (protein that preserves skin firmness and elasticity). Lepaar Precious Face Oil also boasts a healthy dose of rare Namibian Myrrh which stimulates cell regeneration, aids in healing of scars and also provides natural sun protection. Your skin will soak in this wildcrafted biodynamic facial oil. You only need 1-2 drops on damp skin per use. No, really!

My skin had noticeable bounce back, glowing complexion and didn't require the typical attention I gave it at night. I tried this oil both in the morning to test sun protection, and at night to reap the longer wearing time.

My skin loved it both ways and I honestly can't say that I have a preference as to when I would use it.

Next up was the Spanish brand Dafna. I loved that it was an Ayurvedic brand, as I am currently learning more about Ayurveda and all its benefits.

Created by Dafna Shaham, her knowledge of biotechnology and Ayurveda collide to make magnificent things like this Dafna Eye Care under eye treatment. This unsuspecting vial contains 16 potent actives that work together to depuff, soothe, tighten and brighten your under eye skin. The active ingredients include power plants like:

aloe + calendula to calm and hydrate the skin, hibiscus that maintains the texture and elasticity of the skin, rosehips that reduce the appearance of fine lines, and chicory that aids in firmness and hydration.

To use: Just pump once onto fingertips and gently tap onto under eye area.

I have hereditary dark under eyes, that worsen with stress or fatigue. With three boys and one on the way, you can imagine my dilemma! Seriously though, this has been one of the most effective under eye treatments I have ever used! Now, to remember to use it everyday!

Finally, my box included a humble candle tin from U.S. based Rebel & Mercury founded by Nikki Sherritt. She is a pioneer in her craft. She makes a coconut based wax from scratch that is soy/palm free, and uses a lead-free all cotton wick.

The cotton wick reminded me of the wooded wicks and how they give a special crackle as they burn.

The scent included here was the Cinnamon Nutmeg Clove (Amber). I was in love right away as I would drink chai every day if I had half a mind to, and that's exactly what this candle reminded me of. Warm notes of the spices mixed with sweet orange and a hint of one of my favorites--cardamom. This candle is perfect for this time of year, and a great addition to any holiday gift. I burned this beauty all the way till its bitter end!

Have you tried any of these beauties? I am grateful to have been introduced to such magnificent products this month. Hope you enjoy!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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