• Stephanie Ann Ferguson

Simple Clean: Teri Miyahira Beauty

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know by now, my level of dedication to the clean living and the impact it has in the beauty industry, as well as the importance I feel it plays in each of our lives.

You also know, that I love me some makeup! Which of us doesn't?! I mean, really...

I'm so excited to have discovered so many clean makeup brands lately! I don't know about you and your journey, but I feel like safe, clean skincare is so easy to come by. But when it comes to safe, clean makeup...the choices are much slimmer.

This is why I am excited to share another simple, elegant, clean makeup brand with you! I love the minimalist packaging, the fun variety of colors, and the fashionable gal behind this line. I bring you, Teri Miyahira Beauty.

Teri is a well-known beauty blogger who has a well-seasoned career in the fashion industry, and a background in content creation. She is passionate about green beauty and loves educating other on all things natural and cruelty-free.

"Working professionally in the high-fashion industry, doing Hollywood and working with celebrities, has taught me to develop my eye for style and aesthetics, especially when form must meet function.

So when I jumped into the green beauty space, I was able to use the skills I developed in my fashion career to create very curated content in the beauty industry. My current editorial work in the green beauty world includes natural brands like Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba and many more behind-the-scenes content creation for brands in this space.

But knowing that high-priced products aren't accessible to every budget, I felt a calling to figure out how to create luxury-quality green beauty products but for an affordable price. And hence, TERI MIYAHIRA BEAUTY was born."

Teri set out to create an affordable, luxurious brand that attracted those just transitioning into a life of green beauty, as well as to those who were affluent in clean choices and ingredients.

Carefully selected ingredients + classy packaging + curated monthly subscription = you win! No more wandering through the aisles of the local health food store or big beauty giant to find what you need. You can browse her sight, learn a few tips and choose colors that are right for you. She even offers a Loyalty Rewards program where you can earn points toward a purchase and 10% off each time you shop.

The Radiant 100% Natural Blush was my first color of choice. A beautiful peachy/pink color that looks good on everyone--what's not to love?! I've already referred a few clients to it and will be looking into more colors for myself and my kit. I love that these are in magnetic pans that I can drop into my palette.

Teri Miyahira also carries magnetic palettes that you can fill with all your colors of choice. You can create your very own custom palette, yay!

I also added the 100% Natural Eye Shadows: Renew ( a soft, ivory color), Confidence ( a mid-tone grey with silver flecks) and Peaceful ( a rich hunter green with gold flecks). While all 3 of these colors work great together, I got them each to fill in a color void that was in my current color collection.

These eye shadows go on silky smooth, don't get overly dusty in the pan and wear well all day. With shadows that have a slight shimmer to them, I like to wear a primer underneath, to prevent creasing and migration on the eyes throughout the day.

I am not a girl that wears false lashes everyday, I have pretty decent lashes and have learned how to maximize them. Since I lead worship at my church, I am under some serious lighting several times a month. I wear lashes at those times so I don't disappear under all the pretty lights. With that in mind, I decided to try the Faux Mink Lashes in Imagination 04. I loved how lightweight they were, and that they provided the drama I like, without being overwhelming.

Overal, I really liked the Teri Miyahira brand. It's clean, mindfully formulated, well curated and done with pride and integrity--that's definitely something I can get behind. I haven't tried her monthly subscription boxes yet, but know several influencers who have, and have loved them! What have you loved about Teri Miyahira Beauty?

Be Healthy. Love Beautifully.

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