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Modern Herbal Fusion: Khus+Khus

You've heard the phrase, 'You are what you eat.'?

As true as that is, our skin is also largely what we put on it.

Thanks to Khus+Khus Skincare, we can rest assured that we are putting some of the best power of plants on our skin. Founder Kristi Blustein used her background in herbalism, aromatherapy and Ayurveda to package her passion in these beautiful bottles. Using her unconventional interpretation of plant medicine, Kristi created Khus+Khus, a holistic line of care products that were rooted in the foundational belief that botanics work within the bodies system to maximize benefits and results. Her background in aromatherapy lends nicely to her formulations which results in unique aromatic and textural profiles.

Anyone having used her products could attest to her expertise, and see that she is guided by her motto:

"Love is the healing force, plants are the vehicles." I love that! You all know by know how I feel about plants...

I tried the Bleu Body Wax first as I couldn't resist the beautiful blue-hued body moisturizer. Being pregnant has done a number on my skin, and we've had some abnormally cold days around here lately, which has taken some life out of my skin. The Bleu Body Wax can be used as a daily all-over body moisturizer (not recommended for the face). Just melt a bit of this buttery balm between your palms, and massage into skin using long strokes.

I couldn't help but inhale deeply as I melted this balm into my parched skin. I love using this right after a shower, when my skin is most receptive. It has also helped me relax before climbing into bed at night.

My skin feels so pillowy soft with this jar of blessed botanical badass, it will be a sad day when I scrape the bottom of this jar!

Some of my favorite stand-out ingredients in this gem are Blue Tansy (anti-inflammatory, cell regenerating), Blue Yarrow (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory), and Baobab Seed Oil (super antioxidant, elasticity, high Vit C).

I also tried the Sans Age Face Serum. It is no secret by now how much I love my facial oils, so I was giddy opening this package. Imagine my growing excitement when I realized that this facial serum is a blend of like, all of my favorite oils. Eek! I have put this serum on age/sun spots, scars, stretch marks, you name it. The results are astonishing and I am in love with this serum!

A masterful blend of helichrysum, blue tansy, German chamomile, rosehip, sea buckthorn, baobab, argan and Vitamin E, you can see why anyone's skin would respond positively and immediately. Since all skin conditions begin with internal inflammation, formulas like this can make a difference topically by absorbing efficiently and addressing some of the systemic inflammation. The Sans Age Face Serum helps calm inflammation, alleviate dryness and regulate sebum. Since we all know that oils have aromatic benefits as well, I love that this particular blend helps relax tension, reduce over heating, and support a sense of calm.

I am so very impressed with the Khus+Khus line, and will most certainly be coming back for more. If you haven't had the honor of trying this elegant, effective botanical line yet...you simply must.

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully

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