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Less is Beauty: Ayuna

Fasting. Most of us are familiar with the concept of withdrawing from food or activities for the

ultimate benefit of our bodies or mental well being.

But have you ever heard of topical fasting?

I hadn't heard of this concept until being introduced to this organic line from Spain called Ayuna.

This theory encompasses their whole approach to beauty: Less is More.

They advocate that properly balanced products when used properly, can eliminate the need for unnecessary products.

Ayuna promotes a healthy view of the aging process, while their products focus on allowing the skin to do what it was meant to do, self-repair. I love this theory because it applies the same as any other fasting. When the body is kick-started into “self-healing” mode, it identifies your skin’s needs and deficiencies and addresses them!

As a makeup artist, I get asked for recommendations all the time for wrinkle creams, eye creams, acne treatments, elasticity serums, and so on. I love the approach that Ayuna takes to addressing all of these issues so simply and effectively.

While their products are a true testament to their philosophy, they certainly didn't skimp on the luxury.

I love that these products can be safely applied around the eye area, without having to avoid or use a separate product. We could all use less clutter, right?

The Essence Cream-In-Oil Peel was a pleasant surprise. My experience with peel products in the past have always been so harsh. I was a little leery to dig into this one, but I am so glad I did!

The Essence Cream-In-Oil Peel has a heavy whipped cream texture that exfoliates gently, but effectively on three levels:

First, amino acids activate the skin's natural regenerative abilities.

Second, the grainless enzymes gently polish off unwanted layers and reveal fresh skin.

Lastly, it transforms into an aromatic cream finish that leaves the skin silky smooth.

My skin felt like I had spent the day in the spa, instead of 20 minutes in my bed watching Netflix. I loved the texture of my skin after and experienced none of the typical redness and irritation I typically have after using a mask treatment.

I am a hard-core oil cleanser, and was not excited to see a bar of soap in my box, but I like the peel so much, I didn't think I had anything to lose. This Artisanal Soap is a certain game-changer. Boasting active ingredients like saponified borage, olive and coconut oils, it definitely did not dry my skin. Activated Charcoal left me feeling squeaky clean with no leftover residue in my pores. This Nourishing Artisan Soap took off my makeup like a charm, and didn't irritate my eyes. Score!

While Ayuna offers two cream options, I tried Cream II, as it is for more finicky, mature skin. My pregnant skin can use all the help in can get right now! This rich cream glided on my skin, so I didn't need much with each application. It left my skin feeling soft and supple, much like a night cream typically would--but without the greasy after affects. I will definitely be reordering a giant tub of this cream.

I am definitely on board with the Ayuna philosophy, and have loved my experience with them so far.

Have you tried Ayuna yet? What are you waiting for?!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully

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