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Fresh Restorative + Fun: Prim Botanicals

I am a sucker for small indie brands. They seem to get it: handmade small batches, well sourced ingredients, intentional formulations and pretty packaging. Who wouldn't get behind that?!

Prim Botanicals has been on my radar for a while. About 1/4 of my family is from the Philippines, and I have always loved the culture and exotic. tropical ingredients available there.

Prim Botanicals was founded by Philippine native, Stefanie Walmsley. She started out as an actress, and when the industry caused her some serious burnout and skin issues, she returned to her roots and began using raw ingredients straight from their source. Inspired, she began experimenting with various DIY formulas. Realizing that she needed more in-depth knowledge, she enrolled in the School for Aromatic Studies to learn the science behind her beloved natural ingredients. Once she graduated, she hired a childhood friend (Prim's in-house aesthetician) and together they formulated their flagship product-- The Face Oil. What started as a solution for her own skin woes, has now blossomed into a full range of all-natural products she shares with the world.

Raised in the Philippines and currently based in New York, Prim Botanicals specializes in luxurious beauty that doesn't take itself too seriously. You might think otherwise when admiring their sophisticated formulas and packaging. Glass bottles that allow its contents to shine, capped with golden tops--its just gorgeous!

You skin will be equally as gorgeous too. These masterfully crafted formulas cause your skin to sing, and do what it was meant to do--thrive.

I have been using The Body Oil for about two weeks now, and my skin is so very happy! I'm just over 8 months pregnant right now, so I will take all the added moisture and TLC that I can get! I use The Body Oil fresh out of the shower when my skin is still damp, and it soaks this oil right up. This exotic blend of Amazonian oils like Andiroba and Pracaxi that work magic on stretch marks and eczema, all while creating beautifully smooth, firm skin. The scent though?! It's intoxicating. Even my husband loves it (watch out now!). A beautiful blend of Jasmine, Wild Rose, Bergamot and Black Pepper leaves a lasting impression on your skin, and anyone lucky enough to be nearby. I absolutely love how it leaves my skin feeling and smelling.

I have also been carrying around The Pretty Perfect Lip Sheen. I love a good lip balm, especially if it has a bit color! It's no secret that I favor things in the peach family, so I was pretty excited to open this little gem.

Your lips will feel super lush and soft with powerhouse ingredients like Manuka Honey, pink grapefruit and virgin coconut oil. You even get some sun protection for your pretty pucker with red raspberry seed oil. Moisture, sun protection and a pretty pout?! Sounds like a winning combination to me!

Have you tried anything from Prim Botanicals? I have been very impressed with this lovely artisanal line so far, and look forward to getting to know them better. You can score some of their fine products from their website, or with my friends over at The Choosy Chick. Enjoy!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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