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Boxwalla Beauty: Amly Botanicals + Twelve Beauty

One of the things I like about subscription boxes, like Boxwalla, is that they usually introduce me to brands I either have never heard of, or know very little about. The science nerd that I am, I get a big 'ol kick out of researching the brand, their story, and their ingredient choices. I love that part of the whole process, sometimes too much--and it takes me a little bit to get through everything. Grateful for the grace I am given though, as I am a wife, a mother of three, a business owner and lifestyle blogger. No rest for the weary lovelies!

I have recently been getting back into hydrosols and the magnificent benefit they can be to the skin. I was excited to see one included in the May/June Boxwalla box. This magical spritz is from Amly Botanicals, and as smells dreamy as I expected! Their unique facial water is an intensely revitalizing and illuminating face mist that springs from Amly – the wild-flower meadow in East Sussex that the brand is named after. The silver-rich spring water, known for its clarifying and healing properties. They harvest the water and infuse it with organic flowers, hedgerow fruit, native herbs and exquisite essential oils of Neroli, Jasmine, Rose Otto, Chamomile, Linden Blossom and Frankincense. The restorative mist is strengthened with highly concentrated, moisture-boosting Hyaluronic Acid and scientifically proven, skin-perfecting Copper Peptides and nourishing Plant Probiotics.

The Radiance Boost by Amly hydrates and replenishes your skin and subtly enhances your mood with it's natural uplifting scent that is reminiscent of a country walk through the changing seasons. It will leave your senses awakened and your skin enlivened. All completely naturally.

Intrigued, I set out to learn why silver was the vein of this brand, and what benefits it held for overall healthy body and skin.

Silver naturally oxygenates the skin, binds to bacteria and keeps it from growing, boosts cellular renewal. It is a highly effective natural antibiotic...treating afflictions like ringworm, psoriasis, eczema, ear infections, pink eye, sinusitis, colds and flu, and even pneumonia. It's antiviral and antiviral properties make it one of natures most powerful medicinal substances. It's no wonder that Amly Botanicals decided to make it the main artery of their products!

I love the story behind how Amly Botanicals began. Armed with the inspiration to maintain a healthy family--the two founders set out to begin with the basics: clean, living water.

‘This place held us from the start. We came with our small tractor and big ideas, to plant, forage, explore, breathe.

To reconnect and listen, and discovered a source of silver-rich water in the organic earth deep below a wild-flower meadow’

Amly is the Old English name of our organic wild-flower meadow in East Sussex. Two years ago we invited a renowned dowser to search for spring water under our land so that we could nourish our family, plants and animals with ‘living’ water. Thankfully, he sourced a natural supply of silver-rich water deep in the earth. Now it flows through our daily life, offering us the freshness, ritual, balm, clarity and wellbeing that we would like to share with you.

I loved the Radiance Boost. My skin drank it in, held moisture better, and the natural scent made me so happy! It is so beautiful and relaxing, that I even spritzed myself with it before putting my toddler to sleep. He loves to snuggle when I smell botanical, and he loved it!

The Ideal Moisture Serum from Twelve Beauty was stellar as well! It was much thinner than I expected, but so magnificently nourishing! It has been formulated for very dry of mature skin, which is not my current needs, but I loved the way my skin responded to this serum. I have used it specifically after a long day outside whether hiking, out at the pool, or out in the heat running everyday errands, this active serum whips my skin right back into shape.

This silky, light fluid that absorbs rapidly into the skin and locks in moisture to create an invisible barrier. Your complexion is boosted with a high concentration of active ingredients and fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and smoothed.

The Ideal Moisture Level Serum combats damaging effects of adverse weather conditions, central heating and air conditioning.

When I dug into this brand a little more, I found that this serum is also effective for highly reactive skin, skin that flushes in heat or cold, and those prone to hormonal changes, or environmental changes. I can definitely vouch for a few of those, so it's no wonder my skin loved this serum so much! I love that Twelve Beauty combines state-of-the-art techniques, clean botanicals and artisan traditions to master their formulations.

I was intrigued by the key ingredients in this particular formulation:

White Genepi Extract – protects the skin with anti-oxidant and radical scavenging properties.

Imperatoria Leaf Extract – has an astrigent action along side strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Mallow Flower Extract – a soothing, anti-irritant with gentle moisturizing properties

Butterfly Bush Leaf Extract – offers anti-oxidant protection against UV

I loved the fresh scent given by all the ingredients in the Ideal Moisture Serum, and the nourishment my skin received from this masterful formulation. It prepped my skin beautifully for makeup, as well as for bed.

Definitely give both AMLY Botanicals and Twelve Beauty a look, you will be glad you did!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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