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Beauty Nature Performance: Fitglow Beauty

I live in North Carolina where we typically have distinct four seasons. Lately however, that has been debatable.

Last week, we had a week of freakishly hot weather--like high 70's in mid February kinda freaky. Then this week, its back in the 40's and rainy. It's a wonder we aren't all walking around with pneumonia and chronically chapped lips! Ok, maybe some of us are...I digress.

At any rate, this month's Beauty Heroes box was a lifesaver as my poor skin was super confused. For the first time in quite a while, i had inconsistent texture, dry patches and redness...all of which are fairly unusual for me.

Needless to say, this box arrived just in time.

Fitglow Beauty is a line who's formulations are co-created with a naturopathic doctor and two talented chemists who skillfully combine the latest in plant based green chemistry to their process. They focus their innovative strategies to identify ingredients that naturally unlock the skin's ability to regenerate and restore itself.

Cloud Comfort Cream is packed with organic cloudberry and chia extracts to help strengthen skin and replenish its natural moisture barrier. High in essential lipids and vitamins, this airy cream is deeply penetrating, providing improved elasticity, calm skin, and improved cell regeneration.

Superhero Ingredients:

Arnica- inflammation, healing

Comfrey- moisture, healing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory

Cloudberry- antioxidant, anti-aging

Chia- hydration, moisture retention

Cucumber- anti-inflammatory, firming

Gotu Kola- firming, anti-aging, aids in circulation

Horsetail- anti-inflammatory, healing, antibacterial, antimicrobial

To Use: Apply 2-3 pumps on the face, chest and neck following a toner and serum. Allow to absorb and continue with your routine or with makeup.

I used this alone at first, to get a feel for how my skin responded to it. It was immediately moisturizing, and lasted most of the day. I prefer, however, to use it after a facial oil or serum--as sort of a final step in my skincare routine. I love the texture and performance of this facial cream, and have been using it regularly ever since receiving it.

The other delightful surprise in this month's box was the Redness Rescue Cream.

I used to deal with rosacea-like redness on my cheeks for many years, before I learned of my food allergies. Once I cleaned up my eating, my skin acted much differently--it actually behaved! Now, I typically only deal with weather-induced redness, or hormonal acne. I have it pretty easy in that department!

But for those who deal with rosacea, or other pesky redness on your skin, the Redness Rescue Cream is for you!

organic grapeseed oil moisturizes without feeling greasy. Wakame seaweed extract increases oxygen consumption and promotes healing while increasing natural collagen production. This corrective skin cream also sports a light, mineral green tint which aids in natural color correction without building up on the surface of the skin.

Superhero Ingredients:

Aloe- healing, anti-inflammatory, chronic skin issues

Calendula- antiseptic, antimicrobial, healing, chronic skin issues

Chamomile- antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, soothing

Comfrey- moisture, healing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory

Wakame- nourishing, regenerating, high omega 3's and fatty acids

Zinc- healing, chronic skin issues

To Use: Apply 1-2 pumps evenly to skin before sunscreen/makeup to reduce the appearance of redness and and prep the skin for flawless makeup finish.

I used this as a last step before makeup when my skin was rebelling against the extreme cold and flip-flopping weather we experienced. While this isn't a product I would need regularly, it is great to have and helped immensely! I would definitely recommend to anyone who experiences redness regularly.

Have you tried these or any other lovely products from Fitglow Beauty? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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