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Awakening Inner + Outer Beauty: Max & Me Skincare

I have been inundated with products so far this year, and things could easily slip into one giant green beauty blur...but I try very hard to approach each brand with the same curiosity and intention, whether I am introduced to them from an outside source or personally.

I have been following Max & Me Skincare on Instagram for some time now. I was instantly drawn to their vibe and I love that their packaging looks like a personalized hand sketch that interprets the personality of each product. Upon visiting their site, I also fell in love with the way they presented each product, the ingredients they contained, and how they benefit you. They put so much love into everything they create, and it shows! I knew I was in good hands from the start.

Max & Me is an Austrian brand created by husband and wife team, Max & Tanja Gruber. They meticulously search out ingredients using their own intuition and connection to the planet--ingredients that will deeply communicate to your skin on a cellular level.

I was introduced officially to the line through my Beauty Heroes subscription. My box contained:

Circle of Protection body oil (100mL | 3.4 fl oz) Circle of Protection body oil travel size (10mL | .34 fl oz) and a 2mL sample size of their famous Enchanted facial oil.

Max & Me Skincare won the Best in Show award from the Indie Beauty Expo 2016 for the Enchanted Facial Oil.

I can see why!

"This award-winning delicately scented oil blend indulges your thirsty complexion with its energetic talents in loving care, soothing nourishment and regenerative powers. A rare blend of pampering and calming beauty oils each bursting with its own special talents - argan, marula, macadamia nut, rose hip, pomegranate, evening primrose … refined with a treasured blend of repairing, soothing and hydrating essential oils. The heavenly scent tells the beautiful tale of the marriage of jasmine, frangipani, champaca, rose, sandalwood and lavender. Your skin is in love! „enchanted“ also deeply resonates with your heart chakra, which in turn is closely entwined with the beauty and the balance of your skin."

I love that they encourage the experience of skincare, and not just the practice by teaching users to inhale the aromas, apply with intent and enjoy. The scent of this oil is delightful, and my skin drank it up immediately!

The Enchanted facial oil softened the new lines on my forehead, and soothed the dry sun-exposed skin on my lips. The only downside--I wish I had more than just a sample size!

The Circle of Protection body oil is in a class all it's own. I have used many body oils, some of which have been my own formulation--this by far is my favorite! If I could smell like this everyday for the rest of my entire life, I would be overjoyed! I'm quite late on posting this as I have been so captivated by these oils, I wanted to do them justice when sharing them with you.

This oil is nourishing, keeps me hydrated all day, calms irritated skin and soothes skin post-shave. My husband even complimented how I smelled when using this (winning!). I even added some of this to the bathwater for my youngest son when he wasn't feeling well. It was calming to him both externally and emotionally, and I noticed he seemed to sleep more soundly that night.

Here are some of the "superpower ingredients" and why they're included in this treasure:

Argan- nourish, protect, repair, soften

Marula- calm, hydrate, nourish, protect

Rosehip- hydrate, nourish, protect,

Magnolia- regenerate, repair

Manuka- protect, regenerate, repair

Jasmine- brighten, centered, uplifting, stimulate (one of my most favorite scents on the planet)

Litsea- balance, protect

Vetiver- grounding, protect, soothe, tone

Silver Fir- balance, protect, strengthen

Can you see how you skin might be so very happy after just a few uses?! And this is just a glimpse!

If you haven't had the pleasure of being introduced to Max & Me Skincare yet, then I suggest you go introduce yourself! You won't be sorry, and you can thank me later. Enjoy!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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