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10 Commandments of Glowing Skin

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

It's the timeless, burning beauty question that has stood the test of time, the main concern since biblical times: The Fountain of Youth. We all desire the most clear, glowing, skin possible.

Today, I will share with you, 10 of the most important guidelines for a lifestyle that will support your natural beauty both inside and out. This is, by no means, an age specific list--we can all look our best at every age!

As with many things in life, the earlier you start the better — but it’s never too late to start!

I like to keep things realistic and attainable. These are all things that can be done for free (for the most part), which helps keep your hard-earned money where it should be: in your sustainable fashion handbag ;)

Shall we begin?



You may already be aware that body’s composition is 2/3 water. If you skimp on replenishing your body with the necessary hydration, your once lively cells will shrivel up and function slower--making you look older, faster. "That sounds awesome!" Said no one ever.

The general rule is eight-ten, 8oz glasses of water per day, approximately 64-80 oz. That’s about 3-5 bottles of water daily. This estimate is based on a generic average for both men and women. However, if you are overweight, are exercising regularly, pregnant, nursing or have any other factor that moves you beyond the “average” range, then you probably need to shoot closer to a baseline of 120 oz per day. For example, I just finished nursing, am on a ketogenic eating plan, workout at least 30-40 min a day and walk at least 2 miles daily, so my intake is at last 120 oz per day.

The good news is water is a cheap with powerful benefits. So let it flow!



We all need sufficient daily Vitamin D. It is critical for healthy teeth and bones, aids in mineral absorption, wards off depression and mental illness, and fights serious diseases.

So, by all means, get outside and get some sun! But please, wear sunblock, sunglasses, a hat and other protective gear as needed. Sun damage and skin cancer are very real and big enough reasons not to get gorgeously tan deliberately. Those who are fair skinned can get sun damage after just 15 minutes of sun exposure! It is important to get healthy doses of sunlight for its vitamin D, so its best to get it during the sun’s off-peak hours: before 11am and after 2pm.

Even on cloudy days protection can be important as UVA rays, the ones which cause aging, are penetrating the atmosphere and possibly your skin. An overcast sky isn't nature's way of shielding us--it can be as, sometimes more, severe than extremely bright days.



To break it down as simply as possible, sugar is one of the leading causes of inflammation in the body--and inflammation isn’t good for a whole variety of reasons.

From a healthy skin perspective, inflammation is the main contributor to wrinkles, blotchy/red/irritated skin, and acne.

Beware this inflammation-causing ingredient can be hidden in some unassuming places. Foods that are fried, cereal, or carbohydrate-filled starches--like potatoes, corn and white rice--convert into sugar in the bloodstream. Eating these foods can throw off your body's pH levels, causing you to crave even more. This is of particular struggle during our monthly cycles. To kick this craving, try beans or legumes (black beans, hummus, peanuts, nut butter) to help give your body the nutrients ir is really craving and balance your blood sugar healthfully.



Our body renews itself at night. Our tired cells get the much needed recharge when we are resting. Good sleep is so very important!

The less sleep you get, the less opportunity your body has to regenerate overnight, which then causes you to look more tired, and consequently older too.

Did you know that the sleeping hours before midnight are the most important hours?

This means that sleeping in late if you went to bed late, won’t compensate for those lost pre-midnight zzzz’s. The ideal amount of sleep for your body's regeneration cycle is considered to be 8 hours. Some people may require less, and others more, but the point is to let your body have enough time to do its crucial repair work--keeping your stress lower and your skin brighter. Now you know why we say, “Get your beauty sleep!"



Despite many popular highlighting, contouring, feather brow and general makeup tutorials today, you don't need as much makeup as you think.

Generally speaking, the more makeup you wear, the more it dulls your skin, settles into fine lines and accentuates existing texture like eczema and acne.

Many foundations also accelerate the aging process because their formulations keep the skin from “breathing” properly. If your skin doesn't get the oxygen it needs, it won't maintain it's overall health. These factors all contribute to accentuating the appearance of age. No one wants that. Use makeup wisely to minimize problem areas and draw attention to your crowning features. Let your skin show off and glow with vibrance and vitality.



I know I told you the importance of getting to sleep at a decent hour, but just as important as getting your beauty rest, is cleaning your skin properly every evening. If you are in the habit of skipping this step at night, then your skin is a frat house for bacteria, causing clogged pores and acne. Eye makeup residue and mascara can cause eye irritation, and infections like styes. Dirt and pollution are certainly not a positive addition to this equation either!

If you aren’t cleansing each evening and aren't changing your pillowcase regularly, then bacteria is breeding

in there too. So do your skin a solid and take 60 seconds to get your face naked before bed.



Since we have covered the importance of cleansing your skin day and night, I also want to stress the importance of using the right products for your skin. Having that tight, "squeaky clean” feel after you wash your face is the probably the best indicator that your cleanser is too harsh. Cleansing the face with detergent-based soap strips the skin of its natural oils, and leads to imbalance in the pH levels of the skin, accelerating appearance of aging. Even those with very oily skin have to be careful, as there could be other underlying issues.

Begin choosing the right products by tossing anything with the ingredient sodium laureth (or lauryl) sulfate, which is a foaming agent found in just about every soap and cleansing product--even toothpaste. Harsh cleansers like this strip the skin of its natural oils causing the skin to go into emergency mode and product more oil. This can cause pores to clog, the skin to hold onto unnecessary oils and buildup to begin on the skin's surface. No one wants that!

I recommend removing makeup with a gentle cleansing oil like jojoba, coconut, or sesame. Many clean beauty brands offer cleansing oils that are infused with beneficial herbs and oils that aid additional healing and regeneration of the skin.



Your skin is a mirror for the kind of fuel and treatment you are providing for your body. Toxic activities like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating a poor nutritional diet, and inactivity, are all things that can (and do) affect your skin and overall wellness.

When your body sends you craving cues, it is your body's way of telling you what you really need--if you can learn to decode it's messages. For example:

Craving sweets indicates blood sugar fluctuation. Boost your protein and or bean/legume intake.

Craving chocolate can mean that your body is deficient in magnesium. Boost your intake of nuts, seeds, fish, leafy greens and dark (75% or higher) chocolate.

Craving salty foods indicate your body is under high stress. Try taking a walk outside, yoga or breathing exercises to release your tension, and be sure to hydrate.

Eating nutrient rich foods is what helps your cells to regenerate properly, and since that begins internally, what you eat today will show up on the surface between 2-7 days afterwards.

Am I saying don’t have a drink or dessert after dinner? – No! I am simply saying that if you want a glowing complexion and a balanced body-- don’t over do it. Moderation, lovelies. All things in moderation.

In Commandment #3 above (avoiding sugar) many people aren’t aware that alcoholic beverages, especially mixed drinks, can contain as much (sometimes more) as eating half a birthday cake!

Your body was created to move. If your body stays dormant, it will rapidly decay. Exercise is essential to stimulate circulation and keep your toned. Sweating helps release toxins that have built up. All these things together lead to clearer, healthier and younger looking skin.



Self-esteem is an invisible, yet important player in the lifelong game of looking young and healthy.

In the saturated world of social media, we are inundated with images, videos, articles and standards of beauty that simply should not be. Please don’t torture yourself by striving to look like someone else--especially if you are referencing images of models in a magazine. Every print image that you see in your favorite magazine in the store or online has been airbrushed to perfection, and that’s not a realistic goal for a living, breathing human.

Countless, unique variables such as DNA, hormones, major life stresses, grief, disease, etc, all affect how we age. It would be pointless to compare ourselves to anyone else as these factors tip the scales too quickly and too easily.

Did you know that there are simple, effective things you can implement into your daily life to help tip the scales in your favor?

Laughter s a cheap and effective beauty treatment. Laughing sends signals to the brain that releases serotonin, otherwise known as “happy chemicals”. Those happy chemicals contribute to vitality and vigor which others recognize on our skin as a healthy, youthful glow.



The final and most important commandment is to love thyself. Loving who you are, the way you are, is one of the most valuable acts of self care that you could possibly master. Knowing what your body needs, and what makes you happy are key in opening yourself up to interact with others who will treat you properly as well. Treating your body well brings a light into your face that is more radiant than any skincare routine could possibly offer. Take care of you!

I hope you enjoyed these healthy skin commandments and found them helpful!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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