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The Boxwalla Beauty: Show the Love

Skincare can be tricky, especially when the seasons are transitioning...or about to be.

The Boxwalla Beauty Box for February was perfectly curated to carry you through these last days of Winter, into Spring.

I have been wanting to get on the subscription box bandwagon, but just hadn't decided which one to choose. When I saw what was included in the February Boxwalla Beauty Box, I HAD to have one!

One Love Organics has been on my acquisition list for a very long time. Suzanne Leroux, founder and creator of the line, has such beautiful luxurious formulations that I have long admired. Her packaging is airy and feminine, and contains effective, cult-worthy products, "made from the heart". The Love Springs Eternal Serum embodies this line so well with this silky oil-based serum. A tiny powerhouse packed with antioxidants and anti-aging actives from Barbary FIg and Date Seed extracts, this serum will benefit any skin type. Suzanne created this serum to address her own skincare needs, and she now (and many of us) considers it a brand favorite!

It smells like some sort of love potion (perfect for February), and shows my skin the love it needs!

I used this serum after cleansing, prior to applying an evening balm/cream. 1-2 small pumps is all you need! Apply by pressing onto the skin, then massage in using upward circular motions.

Next product I would like to try from One Love Organics is their Vitamin E Eye Balm.

H is for Love has recently been added to my wish list. I love their minimalist packaging, and sophisticated formulations. They definitely give off a cool-kid vibe!

The Bara Balm included in this box had my attention immediately after removing the lid. I inhaled deeply for like, 3 min! Okay, so not that long...but it smells so delicious! I still sneak a sniff each time I open it.

The sleek black glass jar contains a silky rich balm boasting a stunning golden hue. This emollient balm glides effortlessly onto the skin, and absorbs rapidly--providing immediate relief to parched skin. One of the main ingredients, marshmallow root, is a personal favorite of mine--known for its softening, hydrating and balancing capabilities. Blending simple, nourishing ingredients like chamomile, and calendula with the sophisticated essences of vanilla, rose, lavender and frankincense--this deliciously rich balm is a force to be reckoned with!

I applied the Bara Balm as the last step in my evening skincare routine. I placed a dab on the four points of my face, and blended in upward circular motions. My skin was glowing and showed a noticeable difference in moisture retention and elasticity.

The formulation is clean, effective and communicates beautifully with the skin!

The Root & Berry Lip Glace' made a quick entry to my heart as well. When I first opened the tiny jar, I was immediately impressed by the rich pigmentation from the obvious representation of beet root. Upon applying it to my lips however, I was welcomed with a gentle, flattering wash of color, appearing subdued and sexy. I was definitely impressed with the texture--so soft and creamy. The glace' is more dense than I am used to, but glided on my lips--offering gentle moisture, and leaving them plump and protected. I even applied some before bedtime to spice things up a bit ;)

I am currently swooning over H is for Love Propolis Regenerative Face Mask and their Pollen Illuminating Mist.

Well, who am I kidding---I want it all!

This was my first Boxwalla box, and I honesly don't know what took me so long! I am glad it was however, as this was a delightful experience for my skin and senses! I was dually impressed with both of these lines.

I noticed my skin was much happier, and I didn't have signs of seasonal dryness that I would usually experience.

Have you tried either One Love Organics or H is for Love? I definitely recommend you do!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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