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Enchanting the Senses: Lilifox

I must be honest, I had heard very little of Lilfox before receiving it in this month's Beauty Heroes Discovery Box.

But isn't that what beauty discovery should be all about--the new and exciting?!

I immediately loved the packaging with its forestry artwork and iconic fox. Formulated by owner Alexis Fox, this range is truly mystical and follows her childhood roots as a lover of sacred nature. After completing studies in aromatherapy and organic cosmetic formulation, she launched LILFOX, a line of products that show soul and enlighten the senses.

I tried the Jungle Glow Enzyme Cleanser + Mask first. I truly think I attempted to sniff all the aromatic beauty out of this jar at once. I inhaled long and deep, allowing myself to be carried away and imagined what inspired Alex to showcase this combination. You can tell right away that this formula is honey-based, keeping in line with the gentle effectiveness of nature that she clearly loves.

You can use Jungle Glow as a primary or secondary cleaner--meaning you can remove makeup with it, or follow up after your remover as a way to get a deeper clean. Since it contains clays and has an exfoliating effect, I prefer to use it as a secondary cleanser or a mask. As a cleanser, just apply to damp skin, and allow the enzymes to active for 1-5 min, then remove with warm water or warm, damp cloth if using to cleanse.

As a mask, apply evenly to damp skin and allow to set for 10-20 min--in a warm bath or over a steam bowl is ideal. Use warm water to loosen and exfoliate before rinsing off.

I loved how soft my skin was after each use--whether using as a cleanser or a mask. It is gentle and effective and feels like a treat for your skin each time.

The Cleopatra Mask is new to the Lilfox line, just in time for the Beauty Hero box! How exciting to be part of that!

Inspired by the Egyptian goddess of beauty herself, this mask is fit for any beauty queen's daily skin ritual.

I love loose masks because you can switch up your mixing medium and get an added skin benefit.

Not that this mask needs much help with it's French rose clay, crush rose petals, fruit enzymes and coconut milk--your skin will be well taken care of, and will show it too! Packed with active enzymes and antioxidants, your skin will love this royal treatment.

I tried each product individually, so as to see the benefit and qualities of each. I then tried them as a two-step treatment and loved it! I typically do a mask 1-2x/month because I exfoliate while cleansing, either with the product itself or a tool like a brush or konjac sponge. I would likely use the Jungle Glow regularly for that reason, and save the Cleopatra Mask for a special occasion. I have a ritual of following a mask with a rich skin balm or facial serum, so I used either säf organics Beauté Balm or Èlixer Immortél or the Bless Beauty Balm from Leahlani to seal the deal.

This truly is a magical line, one you really should experience for yourself! I kinda wish I had discovered Alex on my own, as I have a feeling we would be fast friends...but I am eternally grateful to Beauty Heroes for bringing her to me, and introducing me to her enchanted Lilfox line. I am totally pining after her perfumes now, gah! Enjoy!

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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