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Optimal Healthy Skin: Linné Botanicals

Have you ever heard the phrase, "The sum is equal to it's parts."?

Well, every once in a while, we run across something that is so much more than what meets the eye.

This month's Beauty Heroes selection was the epitome of that analogy. This face + body pair by Linné Botanicals was carefully selected to reshape the way you think about cleansing your skin--and it will do just that.

Purify Face Wash contains no soap, but rather cleanses the skin gently and effectively using anti-inflammatory salts, clays and powders. This is not your normal creme' cleanser folks!

This thick, earthy cleanser smoothes into a subtle scrub-like lather, gently removing makeup and impurities. Boasting power house ingredients like French green clay and betonite clay, this cleanser can simultaneously draw all the junk out of your skin, whilst also leaving behind vital minerals that fortify and replenish your skin.

Some of my favorite honorable mention ingredients include:

Aloe - cleansing, hydrating

Olive Leaf - protecting, softening, toning

Betonite + French Green Clay - exfoliating, purifying, softening

Jojoba oil - protecting, nourishing

Activate Body Wash is a definite sensory experience. In a house full of boys, this was by far a family favorite.

Not only for its fresh, woodsy scent and efficacy, but also for the garish black color that rinsed down the drain. What can I say?! (#boys)

This invigorating addition to your shower routine will certainly be worth it! Packed full of sustainable activated charcoal harvested from forestry oak, and wild-harvested volcanic ash--exfoliation is like a comfortable Fall breeze. It rinses clean and leaves a subtle fresh-from-the cabin scent on your skin that lasts all day.

Some of my favorite honorable mention ingredients here are:

Avocado Oil - nourishing, softening

Wild Sea Kelp - balancing, anti-aging, cell-regenerating

Vetiver - balancing, toning

Eucalyptus - clearing, stimulating

Palo Santo - softening, anti-inflammatory

I was not sure what to make of these beauties upon first inspection. Having never heard of this line before, I did my due diligence and loved what I saw! I am thoroughly impressed with this line so far, and can't wait to explore more.

Have you tried any of the Linné Botanicals products yet? What are your favorites?

Be Healthy. Live Beautifully.

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