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Eco-Beauty + Wellness Expert,

Eco-Makeup + Hair Artist, Speaker, and Educator

blending beauty + faith + lifestyle.

Speaking Engagements​

-Both Live and Virtual-

Wholistic Wellness Workshop

Lunch + Learn

Makeup Masterclass

Podcast Guest

Inside-Out Beauty 

Summit Speaker

Wellness Panel Guest

My name is Stephanie Ferguson, and the whole of my life’s work as a beauty artist is to boldly and creatively add beauty to the world.   I believe that beauty is a lifelong pursuit and something we embody.


Every beautiful thing I create showcases something I have learned, overcome, transformed, or elevated.  Each one comes from an important and integrated facet of my life: wellness, beauty, faith, and fine art. 

Beauty is personal, it is relatable.  Beauty is real.


Often what we don’t see when we observe the beautiful, is the work, the hardship, the suffering, and the transformation that brought the beautiful

thing to light.  Raising awarenes.  Captivating the eye. That is what I do.