So much more than an eco-beauty and lifestyle expert, Stephanie is on a mission to help you feel beautiful inside + out, to reframe what a beautiful life looks and feels like, and to live boldly + beautifully as we were created to.


Stephanie has been working in the beauty industry for 22+ years and specifically in the eco-beauty industry for 14 years.

Her extensive time in the industry helped her learn about cosmetic ingredients that contribute to skin and health conditions, so she vowed to use her experience and God-given abilities to make a difference.  She created her own skincare and cosmetic line to cater to the needs of her family and clients and now uses her knowledge and experience to coach others to "Be Healthy  Live Beautifully” ™, from the inside out which means addressing their life in its entirety: 

Body + Mind + Soul.


Stephanie has had the honor of working with celebrities, musicians like Michael Tait, broadway stars like, Megan HiltyLauren Kennedy, and  Riley Campbell, American Idol rockers like Kat Robichaud , and many more.

Her work has been featured in Southern Bride Magazine, Carolina Ballet, North Carolina Theatre, Raleigh Little Theatre, Midtown Magazine, WRAL ABC11 WTVD, Love What Matters, and more.


While working with celebrities is always fun, Stephanie is passionate about helping women she crosses paths with every day.  She believes that every woman can live the beautiful life they dream of, by fully embracing who they were created to be.  Her philosophy on beauty is,

True beauty begins within and overflows outward in everything we do.  It is actually something we bring to light, not something we apply.”


Stephanie adores helping women look beautiful, but is truly passionate about helping women live boldly + confidently by helping them look and feel beautiful both inside + out.

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Eco-Beauty + Wellness Expert, Eco-Makeup + Hair Artist, Speaker, and Educator that blends beauty + faith + lifestyle, helping women embrace who they were wholly meant to be..


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